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James, Sarah, and Henri travel to New York, where they encounter Admiral Lord, The kids discover that Nathan Hale is a spy and witness his execution. Franklin, now ambassador to France, works tirelessly to get military aid from the French foreign minister, James goes to Connecticut to learn of Colonel. Read all about it! There were at least an additional 17,000 deaths that were the result of disease, including 8-12,000 who died while being prisoners of war. When Sarah arrives back from England, she finds Henri fighting with a young boy. An amazing lesson in history! Tensions such as these eventually led to the writing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. In New York, Sarah again visits her Loyalist friend Mrs. Radcliffe, who ends up moving to Canada with Moses' brother Cato. The series was based on an idea by Kevin O'Donnell and developed for television by Kevin O'Donnell, Robby London, Mike Maliani, and Andy Heyward. The DVD version also came with an assortment of bonus features including a character guide, Historical Biographies and DVD-ROM features which are a printable coloring book and a web link. Liberty’s KidsLiberty’s Kids Liberty’s Kids is an animated series which offers a fresh and unique perspective on the era of the American Revolution. CD_ROM vintage game Liberty's Kids. Liberty’s Kids features Benjamin Franklin and four biased fictional associates of his in their experiences during the American Revolution. American Revolution adventures. [7] The 6-disc box set contains all 40 episodes of the series as well as several bonus features. With Walter Cronkite, Kathleen Barr, Reo Jones, Chris Lundquist. Liberty's Kids: Two teenage reporters cover the events of the Revolutionary War for Ben Franklin’s newspaper, The Philadelphia Gazette. James visits Daniel Shays, who is upset about the conditions Revolutionary War veterans are facing and leads a rebellion to shut the government down. These newspaper Chronicles let you experience first-hand the excitement and uncertainty of the American Revolution as it happened. Discover the real people and events of America’s first permanent English colony in 1607 to the Revolution and the … Meanwhile, Moses' brother may not get the freedom he was promised, since the British lost. To colonial leaders, taxation without representation was a major cause of the Revolutionary War. City falls in May. It played a major role in most colonies in battling the Stamp Act in 1765. Although the series spans 16 years from the Boston Tea Party in 1773 to the ratification of the U.S. Constitution in 1789, none of … My 7 year old son loves this series and it is so engaging. ( 2003-04-04) Liberty's Kids (stylized on-screen as Liberty's Kids: Est. The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! The Sons of Liberty. Although the series spans 16 years from the Boston Tea Party in 1773 to the ratification of the U.S. Constitution in 1789, no main characters appear to age much, except for Dr. Franklin. Benjamin Franklin and four fictional associates of his in their experiences during the American Revolution. The American Revolutionary War is seen through the eyes of an American teenaged lad, a young English lady, and a French boy, all three of whom work as reporters for Benjamin Franklin. Henri explains that he has done this because the boy was saying bad things about Ben Franklin. The episode ends with Washington going to Annapolis and. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. LIBERTY’S KIDS is a historical fiction cartoon that centers on three kids immersed in the events leading up to America’s independence. James and Sarah attempt to find out what is going on at the Constitutional Convention, and Moses is upset that the constitution does not abolish slavery. Liberty's Kids is a fun and animated educational adventure for kids. Throughout the series, Sarah and James grow closer. Travel back in time to witness and discover our history. The American Revolution Explained for Kids by Keith Goodman In 1772, members of the Sons of Liberty set fire to the British ship the HMS Gaspee. Henri Richard Maurice Dutoit LeFevbre (voiced by, Moses (voiced by D. Kevin Williams) – Born in, Udeny Wolf-Hutchinson (voiced by Carl Beck), This page was last edited on 15 January 2021, at 19:56. An apprentice in Franklin's Print Shop, James believes firmly in the American cause and will do almost anything to ensure that the people receive an honest view of what is happening. The following table contains all 40 episodes of Liberty's Kids, with links to relevant historical articles. [9] The 3-disc set contains all 40 episodes of the series as well as in-depth study guides for all episodes and activity pages. With Jane Adams, Peter Donaldson, Colm Feore, Victor Garber. Sarah has fair, pale skin and long ginger hair that she usually keeps tied back in a low ponytail with a silk blue ribbon, except for one strand which hangs about her face. James and Sarah witness the epic battle of Yorktown. At the end of the series, her mother, Lady Phillips, joins Sarah and her father in the United States and Sarah hopes to explore more of her adopted country. The boxset contained 20 VHS's/DVDs which each contained two episodes each. Fighting during the early years of the American Revolution was generally in the North, while the war shifted south after 1779. Meet on the coast glowing with blood from Albion's fiery Prince. She typically wears a dress with a white or light blue bodice featuring a square neck and long sleeves, and a multi-layered blue and white skirt that covers a dainty pair of black buckled shoes.

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