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I have used all 3 discount summons. Quick question. 100% RAINBOW STAR FULLY EZA TEQ SSJ3 VEGETA SHOWCASE! User Info: fudawg45. - Auteur : fdc1 - Page : 1704 - Pages : 2328 - Dernier message : 21-01-2021 J'ai fais un pull et j'ai eu un doublon Broly, dommage toujours pas de vegeta SSJ3 ^^ D-Free. ATK 8158 . PSN: ZCherub. Video Title: EZAS ARE BROKEN! I’m on level 21 of the EZA and doubt I … of 4; Next ; Last ; More topics from this board... what was that last data download on global for? We have Agl SSJ3 Goku ---> Str SSJ3 Goku now to go off of. | Dokkan Battle . Info sur l'EZA de kid buu: Faible contre pure saiyan, super agl et super str Devilman ne fonctionnera pas au dela du lvl 10! STR SSJ3 Vegeta LR SSJ3 Goku TransKu TEQ EZA 3tenks Whoever you want- just drop PHY 3tenks as his DEF loss is absurd in this meta. Gohan hits super hard on a SSJ3 team. 10. share . - STR SSJ4 Goku - Transforming Goku - EZA SSBKK - Ultra Instinct Goku - TEQ SSJ3 Angel Goku Vegeta: - SSJ2 Vegeta - Dabura - LR SSJ4 Vegeta - AGL SSJ4 Vegeta - Transforming Vegeta - INT SSB Vegeta - SSBE Vegeta - SSJ3 Vegeta Thoughts? finalshadowx2 2 years ago #1. fudawg45 2 days ago #10. Janemba is supposed to be the next EZA for Global (and last before we shift to the God Meta-cards since we got Gogeta), so just doing him here makes sense. I feel like other versions of the cards that already got (or are getting) EZA's are most likely at this point, mostly if they are outdated and particularly could use an update. Je sais ps ce qu'il vaudra après, … However, this Card has no turn limit to his Defensive capabilities, so while he’s not a good tank, he can still Defend for over 10 turns. But my team is pretty whack: Ss3 phy gotenks Both Str vegeta (one is GT) Str and phys ss3 goku. He is super clutch here. STR Vegeta can double his damage if the enemy is stunned and Xeno Goku can stun, while also having good defense. I have rainbow ssj3 Bardock (no idea how, f2p). J'annonce d'ores et déjà les mvp (en dehors de goku 4 évidement): Vegeta Rage (dps) et vegeta … DEF 4362 . I used: Int Bardock Agl EZA Goku Agl GT Goku Agl Transku Str EZA Vegeta Teq EZA Gotenks Vegeta HAS to stun. Explanation. The following is a list of cards of the same character or of multiple characters with a specific affinity. Should I try one last time or call it a day? Transku is one of my SBR favorites. He’s also worse compared to STR SSJ3 Vegeta. Unfortunately, TEQ Vegeta can’t stun, but to make up for it, his ATK Buff has no requirements. His Passive guarantees him some good ATK and DEF numbers but he struggles to get Ki to Super ATK due to a very poor Link Skill set. SSJ3 Vegeta is almost as good as STR SSJ3 Vegeta, with lower Offensive and Defensive power. Je sais ps ce qu'il vaudra après, mais il prendra peut-etre un peu moins la poussière. Report Save. Et les autres tirages sont SSR Garanti, sauf que ce n'est plsu obligatoirement un des 3 persos. Boards; Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle; SS3 SBR help/advice; Topic Archived; Page . SSJ3 Vegeta- Amazing tank which will take almost no damage in the first 7 turns of this event SSJ2 Caulifla - her chance to dodge could be a life saver in this event and she is completly f2p. Coming SOON To Global 100% FULLY EZA STR SSJ3 VEGETA Showcase! HP 7702. Continue this thread level 2. This is a shame, as the genocidal-villain/space pirate-turned-hero (or anti-hero) has just as many fans, if not more, than the dimwitted (and terrible father) who claims the role of main character. I'm blanking but I know either the Janemba EZA or STR SSJ3 Vegeta EZA was kind of just in a "no-man's land" in terms of release. For Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle on the iOS (iPhone/iPad), a GameFAQs message board topic titled "EZA STR and TEQ SSJ3 Vegeta (JP)" - Page 3. This Vegeta has a good EZA, but doesn’t shine in any particular area. Last edited: … Non il n'est pas LR c'est un autre, mais celui là à un EZA qui le rends bon. The LRs on an 8 featured unit banner is really good, outside of that the banners are... good, but nothing I'm super stoked on summoning for. I feel like these are the other obvious ones. Updating STR SSJ3 Vegeta LS: STR type Ki+3, HP/ATK/DEF+90% SA: Immense damage, High chance to stun Passive: Reduce damage received by 80% for 10 turns; ATK+120% if the unit this unit is attacking is in "Stunned" status TEQ SSJ3 Vegeta LS: All types ki+3, HP/ATK/DEF +40% SA: Supreme damage, lowers … Awakened UR Unyielding Kamehameha - Super Saiyan Gohan (Teen) Super AGL. EZA STR and TEQ SSJ3 Vegeta (JP) User Info: finalshadowx2. Kid Gohan - Great unit one of the MVP of this event he can both hit well and block well in … He then told Vegeta that his fighting moves are slow as he takes a … 1/120 Et un de ces jours, goku ssj3 aura son EZA. 1 year ago.

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