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Messages 2,523 Reaction score 25 Location Decided. Selecting the right reel will affect the performance of any fly rod. For large rivers without defined structure to target as holding and feeding lies, or for migratory fish like salmon that aren't really inclined to that behavior anyway, Spey presentation and gear can cover large sections of moving water like no other fly fishing technique. Recognizing this, Tom Larimer and Steve Rajeff joined forces to create a collection of true spey actions carefully crafted to meet the performance characteristics of this new breed of fly lines. While traditional wet flies for trout have always been widely available commercially, a feedback loop of innovation in fly design exists alongside the long rod movement, with social media communities of Micro Spey enthusiasts now conjuring up patterns specifically tailored for the exercise. A couple of my employees adapted to this new tackle, and I used my new outfit quite a bit as well, but at the time we were all so in love with steelhead that trout didn't get as much attention as they should have. Some of you may remember it. SAGE Trout Spey HD Fly Rods. The second rig will be for streamers and heavier flies. TROUT SPEY RODS. Trout speys are 11-12 feet long very light and have true spey tapers, they are not switch rods. So, why use a two-hander for trout? I provided a lecture on Trout/NSR Micro Skagit Spey fishing with 2 handed 4 wt rods for fishing the NSR in the winter to the membership. Here are seven important strategies from some of the world's best nymph fishermen. Fly Fishing Gear, Troutspey, Uncategorized We’ve just received a handful of the new OPST Micro Skagit rods designed by Skagit legend Ed Ward. M.O.W. runningfish Well-known member. Only a few lucky mavericks knew the difference. These rods average 10-1/2' to 11-1/2' in length and they are designed specifically for trout fishing. Redington Hydrogen Micro Spey Trout Rods – 4 Weight – 11’ 6” – 4 Piece $350. It is a revelation to some, and thirty year old news to others, TROUT SPEY IS HERE! Trout Spey was still ahead of its time. Micro Spey opens up new territory in many respects, and freshens up options for fly fishermen operating on otherwise difficult terrain or just for those looking to change things up and enjoy a different and deadly way to fish. Hatch. The extra length of these rods allows for continuous drift and mending control in big water that is much more difficult with shorter sticks. The Redington four casts the same heavy munitions as Winston’s five. Scientific Anglers brought out a series of short Skagit heads made for short, lightweight two-handers. When selecting a reel for a single hand #5-weight rod, you would normally choose a #5-weight reel for line capacity and to be the right weight to balance with your rod. G. Loomis IMX-PRO ShortSpey Rods What G. Loomis says: The two-hand angler's toolkit is evolving. Tyers online regularly post images showing miniature versions of perfectly executed patterns that would not be out of place in a coffee table book on British Columbian Steelhead. While fishing for summer steelhead with single hand rods and lines designed by Jim Teeny, there were days when I caught fair numbers of large trout. The 5125 is a big boy Spey rod with Trout Spey feel. Spey presentations are well suited to these conditions. It's very much a touch thing, as is the angler's strike, which is restrained and delayed relative to the typically vicious takes. But then, I tried single hand spey my favorite fast 4wt 9ft with the Ambush 4wt and completely abandoned the … Micro Spey opens up new territory in many respects, and freshens up options for fly fishermen operating on otherwise difficult terrain or just for those looking to change things up and enjoy a different and deadly way to fish. Designed in Saskatchewan's pike paradise - works anywhere. Winston Micro Speys are labeled as 3-, 4-, and 5-weight Spey rods for suggested use with 190- to 270-grain lines, 240- to 330-grain lines, and 300- to 390-grain lines, respectively. These rods are designed to allow anglers to spey cast with lightweight two-handed rods for trout. Used correctly, a trout spey rod will cast your line much further than you could ever cast a 9-foot rod while using less effort. They have a specialized grip that feels more trout rod than Spey, use slightly larger chrome guides than typical trout rods, and come with a larger tiptop that allows for the larger diameter of the spey style lines. Redington Hydrogen Micro Spey Trout Rods – 3 Weight – 11’ 3” – 4 Piece $350. Featuring KonneticHD technology and a new fast action, the TROUT SPEY HD series of rods bring ease to lightweight spey techniques. I myself have been a fan of swung soft hackles ever since Rod Patch at Ark Anglers in Salida, Colorado turned me on to the concept in the very early 2000's. Here are step-by-step instructions for tying the Strong Arm Merkin fly. The Spey cast itself -- an aerial combination of a figure-eight and a roll cast -- is something that I don't personally claim to execute well, but its utility and effectiveness are unquestionable. Possibly the first company to really address this situation was G. Loomis, who brought out a rod that was a 5/6 weight. He also had recomended the same 10ft blank that Matt is carrying for a micro spey. Most rods that are considered "trout spey" rods are in the 2-5 weight range and are capable of throwing streamers up to size #4 depending on the particular rod and type of shooting head. Fast forward eighteen years, and the visionary design minds of the manufacturing sector have been vigorously pursuing the whole concept of swung spey tactics being applied to trout. The Spey outfits (mostly 9-weights) at the time were too large for most of the steelhead we encountered, let alone the average trout, which felt tiny. Line manufacturers have been quick to jump in as well, offering precise designs to match both the rods being marketed and the conditions at hand. John Juracek text & photos - September 15, 2020. Mending was a snap, allowing the floating fly line to be repositioned on the water while the soft lead or tungsten based coatings on the poly leader knifed though the water, carrying the flies down deep. Because the rods are different, the lines are also different than traditional Spey lines… Tips and Flo Tips give decided advantages for fishing streamers. This line control is one of the unique aspects of fly fishing. Trout Spey downsizes traditional Spey gear for smaller fish and smaller rivers. Dwayne 'Chip' Cromarty - January 15, 2016. All Fly Fisherman subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. from $550.00 Redington Rise Reel. The difference is, these wet flies are not being tied on size #1/0 and #2 up-eye hooks, but on #10s and #12's -- and sometimes, much, much smaller. It should also be mentioned that there are photos being posted of some VERY solid fish being caught on the swing. Enter the Switch rod, which offers the best of both worlds—allowing you to make conventional, single-handed casts or two-handed, Spey-style casts when your backcast room is limited. “Trout anglers that wanted the switch advantage have moved to a newly named fly rod called micro spey. Trout fishing is a many faceted thing, and there seem to be as many ways to approach it as there are fish in the river. I started fishing streamers for red bands in the 1990's. By: Mark Bachmann. Even though fly fishing for trout with two hand fly rods has been practiced by old hands for more than a decade, it remained a novelty even to us because the specialized equipment wasn't available. With more and more Manufactures jumping on the trout spey revolution the fishing possibilities are endless. Sage. Vist our spey shop for prebuilt rods as well as blanks to build your own. [embed][/embed], Landon Mayer | Illustrations by Joe Mahler - August 11, 2020. We still build the best fly rods in America (period). The experience rivals dry-fly fishing for aesthetics and adrenaline factor, with enthusiasts typically being extremely firm in their convictions. Trout that can take their food in bigger bites, grow faster and larger than trout that spend their time eating tiny insects. Efficient and versatile, modern short-format head systems are a popular and practical solution for many common casting and presentation issues. What is offered below is what we think to be the best Trout Spey rods by manufacturers who can deliver product and warranty service with a minimum of distractions. One rod will be for swinging soft hackles and little nymphs in skinny water. The new Trout Spey HD replaces Sage's ONE Trout Spey rod models and is sure to turn heads in the Trout Spey sphere. from $430.00 Hatch Finatic Gen 2 Custom Colors. Even 18" fish can get many yards into your backing. For those of us who don't live near classic coastal salmon water, the Spey technique still has application. A Switch rod also works better when you need extra rod length for mending and line control. This was a revelation to me, and without having to carry a second sink tip line, I proceeded to clean up using a downstream presentation with simple traditional partridge hackled "spider-type" patterns all over Colorado. Rod was an early inland dealer of weighted poly leader systems that allowed light flies with fluffy hackle materials to be presented at depth on the typically steep water of the southern Rockies with standard single handed trout rods. Twenty inch trout can go a lot further, and the occasional steelhead you will encounter in many of our larger local rivers can stress your three weight Trout Spey outfit to the max. It had become apparent that native redband eat a lot of crayfish and sculpins during certain parts of the year, especially while higher water temperatures generate higher metabolism, then while water temperatures are dropping toward the fall.xplained. Ross. ©2021 Outdoor Sportsman Group. Unlike switch rods, (or most 9 foot rods), trout spey rods are designed with softer mid-sections, which make spey casting more effortless by allowing the rod to do the work. The other component of Spey technique is the downstream, swung presentation of the fly, sweeping across wide swaths in a search for quarry. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. Winston has rolled out the new “micro Spey” classification of Spey rods. All five models share an 11'11" length, perfect for executing... Modern Trout Spey Rods and Equipment Explained, Modern Trout Spey Rods and Equipment EFor some reason, biologists who studied the Deschutes River before Y2K came to the conclusion that the native redband trout didn't eat sculpins. Kerry enlisted the help of our own Matt Klara and others to dial in a unique, versatile, super-fun, forgiving rod that will change your opinion about what 4 and 5wt 2-handers for trout can and should do. Spey is one of the older styles of fly fishing, having origins in the British Isles, and specifically, Scotland, where it was developed to target Atlantic Salmon. All Rights Reserved. Top . FLY RODS. It was a pretty good trout rod, but the Spey lines at the time really didn't do it justice and the rod didn't catch on. The secret lies in mending the line at the correct time during the swing, causing the soft materials of the fly to "breathe", and giving the appearance of life. The particular fly line you have on your switch rod or trout spey rod will impact its abilities a great deal. That blank is really well designed to be used as a micro trout spey rod. (stay tuned for more info on rods and lines) Just because we … A two-hander will give you a brand new view of rivers that have become too familiar. $1,099.95 Sage Trout Spey Fly Reels. The picture above illustrates a #5-weight rod combined with a #7/8-weight reel. The relatively new category of "Micro Spey" gear scales things down for both fish and playing field. Dec 30, 2014 #9 I was going to entertain that Micro Spey rods by adding a lower grip by buying a cheap 4wt rod. Trout fishing is a many faceted thing, and there seem to be as many ways to approach it as there are fish in the river. They are also particularly useful while wade fishing in areas that don’t have much room for a … Join the Revolution! Five rods from 10’3” to 11’3” excel with a variety of spey lines that are currently offered in 200-350gr sizes. Their tapers have been designed to pleasantly accommodate both single-handed Spey/Skagit-type casts and two-handed Spey/Skagit-type casts. A rule of thumb for any Spey outfit is to jump up three sizes on the reel. Sage's new Trout Spey HD rod offers five rod models from 1wt-4wt and from 10' 3" to 11' 3" to cater to every style of two-handed trout angling. Most rods on the market were just too much for the average trout and those that were considered “light enough” were hard to match with fishable lines, however, once rod and line manufacturers caught-on to the increasing popularity of two-handed “spey” rods they began to target a new market; trout-spey. Well, I thought that the idea was original; using a long Euro Nymph rod with a short Skagit head to fish streamers: ie, a single-hand Spey rod for trout fishing. Now Spey rods are being made by several manufacturers in sizes #2, #3 and #4 weight. Lighter, thinner rods with softer actions allow two-handed enthusiasts to nymph or swing for trout, and just have more fun. 67296 East Hwy 26 Modern Trout Spey Rods and Equipment EFor some reason, biologists who studied the Deschutes River before Y2K came to the conclusion that the native redband trout didn't eat sculpins. This is a great rod and with the technology in this build I can see the future of theses rods breaking new grounds. Without effective and functional casting, much of the rest of the curriculum doesn't really... How to deliver meat & potatoes to hungry trout. Trout are also inclined to much of the aggression of salmon and steelhead, chasing down flies tracking under the surface through their neighborhoods. Design forward rod makers such as Tim Rajeff's Echo brand now offer two-handed models in the 11' range with line weights down to #3 that are coveted among the cognoscenti. But for trout fishermen, who needs a 16-foot rod? Their switch lengths are specifically for 2-, 3-, and 4-weights.” Note: Both quotes are paraphrased. Category: Fly Rods. The reel holds the proper size line and a full hundred plus yards of backing. Allowing the fly to drag in strong current causes the materials to collapse against the hook body, and all is lost. I am offering to provide a hands on introductory experience to any interested in learning to Spey. The Skagit Switch Line from Airflo and the RIO Skagit Max Short are two of my favorites. After the introduction Skagit shooting head systems during this same period, covering water at depth became much easier. The Trout Spey HD features a stable tip and smooth power transfer to create a rod that manages current Trout Spey lines effortlessly. The Trout Spey Revolution has begun and for good reason, it is deadly effective. Give a Gift   A 10 or 11 foot rod provides greater distance, reach, dabbling, and line control in comparison to a shorter rod, and the fact that these come in #3, #4 and #5 weights means that these anglers are now presented with a greater range of rods to choose from – very attractive to the wild hill loch fly anglers. Elegant spun Deer-hair patterns designed to be skated crosscurrent "damp" in the surface film are in evidence, as are heavily weighted flies substituting short haired pine squirrel for the bulkier rabbit found on popular Bunny patterns . In the world of fly rods, you get what you pay for, and if you think otherwise, you will be sadly disappointed. |   There are a number of rod makers that offer Trout Spey rods. If you are going to release a fish, it's important to do it successfully. We’ve been excited to see these long-awaited rods, and feel fortunate to have gotten in on the initial small run, which was limited to 2 rods in each size. Another type of angler that will benefit from the Trout Spey rod design, is the still water boat fishermen. By definition, rivers close to the sea are of generally larger volume -- being fed by numerous upstream tributaries -- and can also be flatter, with less in the way of large boulders and bends to create places for fish to hang out in. The INTOUCH TROUT SPEY line is a very easy casting, short head style line for anglers using light two-handed trout Spey rods, and regular single-handed fly rods (just check the grain weight to match). Featuring the Advanced Boron III technology, fast action Two-Handed rods designed for trout fishing offering a Very lightweight, powerful rod that can generate very high line speeds. Different rod companies label and categorize their trout-specific Spey rods differently. PO Box 368 Subscriber Services. The Trout Spey is light weight and dialed for far more than just two-hand swinging with Skagit and Scandi heads: Flick an emerger off the tip, mend a country mile of line with an indicator nymph rig, tight-line nymph, fish a dry fly hatch, and anything else you may find yourself needing in ever-changing trout … One crayfish may equal the amount of nutrients of a thousand midge pupae. These trout are often much stronger for their size than their insectivorous counterparts. ECHO. These rods are lower priced than the ones built here, and the companies still employ a high number of US citizens. Pretty much everyone accepted that they knew what they were talking about. The Micro Skagit category consists of three rods rated to cast 275 grain heads or lower. Earth tone woolly buggers were especially productive. Thirty pound test gel spun backing can be the equalizer against very large fish. $499.95 Winston Boron III Two-Hand Micro Spey. Most of these folks had fished through the predacious management of the 60's and 70's, and had performed more than a few stomach autopsies. Redington Hydrogen Micro Spey Trout Rods – 2 Weight – 11’ – 4 Piece $350. It was a marriage made in heaven. To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. Some lines are good for all around utility work. Other flies that employ materials normally found in trout streamer patterns are on display, such as bucktail, but with typically lighter dressing executions -- again, allowing for materials to move in the water in addition to just providing a meaty profile. Long rods need larger reels to form balanced outfits. There are several reasons: it is a lot of fun, it is very productive, and you can cover masses of water very efficiently. Best of luck, Robert. Spey, Switch & Single Handed fly rods, large arbor reels and gear including skagit and scandi spey two handed fly lines. Some lines are great for shooting sink tips and streamers while other lines are best for indicator fishing or even dry fly fishing. These tips can save you heartache when fishing is hot. Welches, Oregon 97067. He also agrees that they are nice blanks. Then around 2004, G. Loomis brought out the Roaring River series of rods with over twenty different models. R.L. Fish are cold-blooded, so their body temperature reflects that of the water in which they swim. For instance, Scott Fly Rods has a 4-weight T3H Spey rod designed specifically for trout and for 210- and 240-grain lines. The micro version satisfies the preferred two-handed approach when fishing for trouts. Converting Euro Nymph to Trout Spey. Only a few lucky mavericks knew the difference. No, it does not cast as well, but the fish don’t … Modern carbon fiber salmon and steelhead gear is on the large side of things for fly fishing equipment, with rods of up to 14' that can cast #10 weight lines being used for heavy species like Chinook. You get to choose, and no matter what your choices are, you win. My current favorite Sage 3113-4 ONE rod is combined with a 4260 Sage reel and is nimble and perfectly balanced for fatigue free performance for trout from 12" to 20". Contact nymphing can be deadly with the right equipment and techniques. Salmon and trout are both members of the family Salmonidae, with the former being genetically programmed for spawning migrations between fresh and salt water, and the latter generally considered to be landlocked adaptations of their original oceangoing forms. One of them was an 11' - #5 rated for a 350-grain head. And even more importantly, the lines to go with these rods are also available from the leading manufacturers. Brian Greenwood here. The biggest reasons were that a 5-weight Spey rod is still a little large for Oregon trout, and anglers of the era were pretty much hide-bound to nymphs and dry flies. $949.95 Echo Trout Spey Fly Rod. Companies like Airflo, OPST, Echo, and LTS all make tactical spey … Sage. Winston. Redington. Builder of fine two handed fly rods. The Hobie MirageDrive 360 pedal propulsion system is the pinnacle of kayak control with more efficient fin designs, glide technology and allows the boat to be moved in any direction. Also, there is a nice trout spey section on another forum dedicated to two-handed rods. I used mine quite a bit for both summer steelhead and trout. First developed with fixed lines attached to the tips of wooden "Greenheart" rods of eighteen feet or more that required two hands to manipulate, the Spey cast may well predate the invention of the functional fly reel. Steve Godshall (the line guru) who also helps Bob Meiser and Terry Anderson with rod design originally recomended the ARE IM6 blanks to me. Chip's Monster Magic. Here are some guidelines: #2-weight Trout Spey rod needs a #5-weight reel, #3-weight Trout Spey rod needs a #6-weight reel, #4-weight Trout Spey rod needs a #7-weight reel, #5-weight Trout Spey rod needs an #8-weight reel. $399.95 Ross San Miguel Reel. There are exceptions in both directions. $595.00 Hatch Finatic Gen 2 Large Arbor Reel. Since 1986. Many times, fish can be provoked to move several yards or more to hammer a moving underwater fly, and the strikes are generally violent, providing instant feedback for the angler that modern nymph fishing lacks. Be sure to have a reel large enough to give the larger fish some running room. How to Mend, Set the Hook, and Strip Line, Temps for Trout: How to Catch Fish that Behave Hot n Cold, How to Remove Wind Knots and Snarls from Leaders and Tippet, 7 Tips for Rigging Your Nymphs like a Pro, Best Practices for Catch-and-Release Trout Fishing, Hobie MirageDrive 360 Kayak Propulsion: Amazing Control and Power. The Kamikaze Sculpin is easy to tie, versatile, and smartly designed to get the job done. Salmon fresh in from the ocean are considered "bright", and display much more vigor than fish that have endured migrations of hundreds or even thousands of miles to reach breeding grounds. Rigged with proper Skagit type lines trout speys are capable of casting pretty large flies with a full range of sink tips. Each line is built on RIO’s ultra-low stretch ConnectCore for maximum sensitivity, and has a seamlessly integrated running line for ease of use. The diversity and selection of lines and sinking heads available is truly mind-boggling, and allows the angler to tailor his setups for both water and personal taste. Pretty much everyone accepted that they knew what they were talking about. There are, however some very practical fly rods designed by reputable local manufacturers, which are built beyond our borders. Hatch. Many times, emergent insects such as Caddis display behavior that a swung fly mimics perfectly, with the imitation darting through current seams while fluttering feather materials give the appearance of unfurling wings and shedding exoskeleton casings. Other species of fish are not beyond the scope of attention, either, with the Smallmouth Bass river contingent making itself known. I typically like to have two, (or one rod with two line set-ups) when attacking the “trout spey,” or “micro spey,” approach. There is an advantage aside from pocketbook protection.

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