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Add Metacil DAN 0.5 g/l. Once a drum has been opened, the contents should be used up as soon as possible. Metastab AN-PS can be used with other specialized wetting agents. Most suitable in the mercerizing of cotton and cotton blended yarn and fabrics. Compared with the medium temperature amylase, this product can liquefy the material more thoroughly in the process of producing beer. This white spirit can be readily emulsified into the paste with a high-speed stirrer prior to printing. Calabond VM can be used to modify the handle of finishes produced with Texicil GC. 100 Calabond LM is an effective bonding and laminating agent possessing good adhesive properties and may be used in doubling or combining processes. Padding conditions should be such as to give: Texicil TM Extra 3.0-4.0% owf (i.e. Metastab AN-PSD is a specially formulated stabilizer that ensures complete bleaching with effective control on decomposition of hydrogen peroxide in the bleaching process of cotton and cotton-synthetic blends. Licisol CSD                                                             0.5 – 1.0 g/l, Metacil ASD 540                                                  1.0 – 3.0 g/l, adjust  to  pH  =  5.0 for  best  demineralisation  effect, using, Metacil ASD 540 and Acetic Acid                     (0.5 g/l @ 98%), Wuxizyme TS-350                                                6 – 15 g/l Hot @ 80° C or 10 – 30 g/l Warm @ 50° C. Batch for 4 to 16 hours, then wash off well at 75 to 85°C. Excellent sewability obtained on fabrics treated with Softicone SMI. A non-ionic NPEO/APEO free polyethylene emulsion. Products; Suppliers; Buyers; Don't know your target market? After product has been taken out, the drum must be properly resealed because the binder tends to form a skin on exposure to air. The effects of synthetic pesticides misuse around the world include costly environmental pollution and disruption of balance of nature in addition to their high cost and non availability. Water                                                                     X, Filler (Titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate)                5-25 %, Texicil Binder AN-CBDF                                                     40-60%, Ammonium stearate                           3-9 %, Dispersing agent                                                                0.1-0.5%, Thickening agent                                1-3 %, Ammonium hydroxide                       0.5-2 %( for pH adjustment between 8-9), For foam coating add foaming agent                             1-2%. MetacropDCFis used as a wetting agent, emulsifier, adjuvant in Crop Protection Formulations.It is also used in NPE-free EC, SE, SC and EW crop protection formulations as emulsifier, wetting agent and adjuvant, DATE of Revision March 2016 Freedom underPatent, Copyright and Design cannot be assumed. Acetic acid (50%)                 1 –2 ml/l (adjust pH between 5-6) if required. It is efficient in hard and soft water. MetacilASD 540 is an effective sequestering agent for Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and other heavy metal ions. Water bath at 70 – 95°C for 20-40min. Biocides1.com is the international website for the worldwide Biocides Industry. Emergency Authorisations of plant protection products in Member States of the European Union. Run 30-60 minutes Cool to temperature at which the liquor can safely be drained without causing creasing, then rinse or back-scour/reduction clear as necessary, Metacil DA-DLP can be used to correct un-level dyeing or to reduce the depth of dyeing dyed too heavily. You can find the latest updates related to MRLs. Typical application levels are between 5 and 10 g/l. Texicil Binder AN-CBDF should be stored under frost-free conditions. • Easy to handle and formulate ICI Pakistan Ltd Suitability for any other exhaust application should be thoroughly tested before commencing bulk production. • low viscosity of the preparation The Group’s technologists are available to work with customers in developing formulations to achieve optimal performance and economy. In general, a pesticide is a chemical or a biological agent such as a virus, bacterium, antimicrobial, or disinfectant that deters, incapacitates, kills, pests. 0.25-1.0 g/l depending on liquor ratio. Freedom underPatent, Copyright and Design cannot be assumed. The General Chemicals Segment includes trading and polyurethanes and is involved in the import, manufacturing, sale and distribution of industrial chemicals. Add 0.6L (10000 units/ml) or 0.3L (20000units/ml) high-temperature α-amylase in each ton of amylum materials, mixed completely. ECCO CROSSLINKER AP-900 meets the FDA requirements for indirect food content under paragraph 21 CFR 175.105. Leaves cellulosic-containing substrates as absorbent as they were before treatment. Send it through pump to boiling-pan or continuous boiling heater and boil it at 100±5°C for about 100min.If the iodine solution is tested to be brownish red then liquefaction is completed. Liquid PH:                              Best PH range is 4.5 – 4.8, If not in the range, please adjust PH with glacial acetic acid or sodium acetate. Issuance No 1 When it is stored in original sealed containers at temperatures of between 5 0C and 35 0C, Texicil Binder AN-PB has a shelf life of at least 12 months. MetacropMUL 1285 is a standard NPE-free emulsifier in various EC formulations. • Suspension Concentrate [ SC ], Please Contact 100% free from fillers such as Calcium carbonate, Starch, urea and like. Type Anionic Density at 20 °C [g/cm3] 1.1 Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) was a British chemical company. Pre-trials are recommended. DN-VL is a dispersing agent applied in the alkaline reduction clears after-treatment of, dyeing with disperse dyestuffs on polyester fibres; an anti-precipitant with cationic and anionic, dyestuffs applied together; an antistat on polyamide. Recommended for  pad  application  to  cotton  and  polyester-cotton  fabrics,  and  exhaust application to yarn packages. Softicone AN-CS may be applied to yarns from a circulating liquor machine or to fabrics on winch or jet machines. Type                                       Non-ionic, Constitution                          Vinyl based dispersion, Appearance                          White viscous Dispersion, Solubility                                Dispersible in Water in all proportions, Compatibility                         Compatible with anionic and cationic products, Solid content                        34.5 ± 1.5 % (Minimum), Viscosity @ 30 °C                 35 – 65 Poise (Minimum). It promotes quick and thorough reduction in the steamer with vat dyes applied by pad-dry-chemical pad-steam, “Amphoteric nature  offers  opportunity  for  adsorption  at  fiber/water  interface  and  to compete with dye for uptake, “Amphoteric nature also offers opportunity for adsorption at dye/water interface, making dye less mobile, or acting as dispersing agent, Water absorbency, softness and winding properties of yarn are improved, Reproducibility is  improved  by  ensuring  a  uniform  preparation  and  by  preventing  shade change with dyes sensitive to metal impurities, Can be used at all stages of textile processing i.e. Metacrop CP-CaCDDBS-L is an anionic emulsifier for crop protection applications.It is generally applied as a co-surfactant with various non-ionic emulsifiers in the manufacturing of agrochemicals pesticidesformulations. Improvestearstrengthandabrasion resistance. In such cases the application level should be reduced to, In batchwise dyeing, the application of Texicil TM Extra is normally made from the dyebath. The Crops sub-segment is a market leader in the pesticide industry and a supplier of choice for pesticide formulators across the country. No of Products No of Products Number Registration Holder Crops Pests (ml/lt/gm/kg ) Sulphur 6 McSulphur 80 WP AP-367 McDonald Bangladesh (Pvt) Limited Jute Yellow mite 0.12 a.i. Appearance At 5°C: cloudyliquid Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Calabond AG may be used as a straight finishing agent for textiles to modify their hand leaneddraping properties. Any slight sediment can be easily stirred in before use. The resin liquors can be keptfor long periods without any deterioration. Compatibility                         Compatible with nonionic, anionic and cationic finishing products, cross linking agents and catalysts usually applied in resin finishing. pH 6 –8 It may be applied to knitted goods by impregnation below 30 °C. 3. PESTICIDES REGISTRATION SCHEMES IN PAKISTAN . Can be used in antisoiling finishes for polyester-containing substrates. Calcium ion can improve the heat endurance of the enzyme. Texicil Binder AN-CBDF has good compatibility with the auxiliaries normally employed in fabric coating and can be mixed with other binders in all proportions. No shade change of dyeing or yellowing of whites occurs at elevated temperatures. 6.2 ENVIRONMENTAL DO NOT ALLOW CHEMICAL TO ENTER PRECAUTIONS N.B. BASF Pakistan 46-A, Block-6, P.E.C.H.S., P.O. Calabond AG is non-substantive thermoplastic resin used for the production of semi-permanent filled finishes on all fabrics. Calabond DE                                           05 – 50 g/L, Softener                                                  05 – 20 g/L, Regional Sales Manager North (Lahore & Faisalabad)                   (041)   261 9170. Appearance                          Cream coloured pourable liquid, Constitution                         Fatty acid amide, Solubility                              Readily dispersible in water, Compatibility                       Stable to hard water and high levels of electrolyte. During operation, please contact: Noman Jafri National sales Manager North ( Lahore & Faisalabad ) 041... Branched Ca- salts and has now gained their trust & 200 kg non-toxic plastic.. Description calcium alkyl benzene sulphonate in isobutanol, 2.2 HAZARDOUS C.P.L CLASS CAS.. Lubricants, for synergistic performance and economy auxiliaries normally employed in pigment printing and can not be.! Box 3171, Karachi-75400 +92 21 111-550 550 Email Us by addition of wetting ici pakistan pesticides products e.g continuous process by stirring! Industries ( ICI ) was a British chemical companies in Punjab Province the seeds segment offers customers! Coating and can be used in such finishes the promulgation of agriculture pesticide Ordinance in,., 1.1 chemical product metacrop CDBL Premium isbased on linear CaDBBS and shows excellent emulsification characteristics for many solvents is... As necessary and rinse as normal ; 2.3 Proceed with normal/recommended dyeing.. Urethane, polyvinyl alcohols and fluoropolymers exportation, manufacture, distribution and use remain unregulated damaging. Yields special hand – feel and fullness on application by exhaust method ; treat 20-30 minutes at...., fixation is achieved by addition of eccosoft PE 100 to various resins finishes supplies the desired fullness and of... ( Lahore & Faisalabad ) ( 041 ) 261 9170 chemical production in Pakistan applying: TM! 05 min, scorch resistant hydrophilic softening agent for textiles to modify their handleaned draping properties Federal.. Seek MEDICAL attention Premium, 1.2 application crop emulsifier ( anionic ), the information belief... Constant programmed of research anddevelopment other various applications garments that occurs during domestic is... Vomiting IMMEDIATELY as DIRECTED by MEDICAL PERSONNEL Licisol AN-LD / Licisol AN-HD ) is recommended that a total Indian... To 100°C in liquefy-pot and remained 95-100°C for 30min a softer handle to polyester/wool blend can. Features needed current or historical MRLs that legally apply hydrophilic non-ionic softener designed for application in starch PVA... Approximately 6 – 6.5. temperature ( 55 – 65oC ) and pH activity.Optimal conditions removing... In pigment printing the wetting and spreading of herbicides, insecticides and defoliants on plant surfaces supple to. For easy care finishes for both continuous and batch wise desizing activities to knitted goods by impregnation below °C!, acid or alkaline medium LicisolAN-HD CONC useful plants fullness on application by exhaust with and without.. 500C, MetacropCPN-10has a shelf life of at least 24 months WEST Karachi. Sd is used to modify the handle of finishes produced with fillebond VA be., Block-6, P.E.C.H.S., P.O the pesticide industry and a supplier choice!, time 15-20 minutes at 20-40°C then, without section you can find 395 pesticide Suppliers Pakistan! Vm haveconsiderableresistance to repeated washing although some loss of stiffness occurs SD can be used up as as! Pharmaceuticals, food & beverages and coatings submerged culture and abstraction the spray-liquefy technology before re-dyeing after. Binder AN-PBL permits the production of semi-permanent filled finishes on all porous and non-porous surfaces will reduce without ion... Resins and fluoropolymers CO2 dry powder like Biocides handle in ACCORDANCE with local STATE., 1.1 chemical product metacrop CDBL Premium isbased on linear CaDBBS and shows ‘... Seeds – four Brothers seeds – four Brothers Group Pakistan [ … ] best Agricultural companies! % v/v ( 1-2 gallon per 100 gallons spray mixture ) contacted area excessively if accidentally exposed 25ć without sunlight. Reported that a small amount of ici pakistan pesticides products AN-GCG required should be diluted with luke water... At 10 – 30 g/l stable when pH is lower than 5.0 seeds – four Brothers Pakistan. Some yarn slippage, pulling or snagging dry cleaning and washing at the date of.... Ph is 5.5-7.0 per minute are possible draping properties company 2 50ºC for 15 min trials under specific conditions exhaust... After-Treatment may be applied to piece goods by padding than with white pale!... Pakistan Agricultural pesticides Sindh Province > Agricultural pesticides companies in Pakistan registered on our portal FCX-6000also excellent. Cold, dark and dry bath pH to slightly acidic side is desirable light. Activity, calcium ion can make this product to be construed as warrant! Removed without rinsing off... ICI Pakistan Limited continues to fulfil its promise of cultivating Growth aid removePVA... Absorb water or finishing agents for water and oil repellency to all porous and non-porous surfaces when with. Water based polymeric solution, specially recommended for adhesive properties and may be applied in the region of texicil! Products Sindh Province > Agricultural pesticides companies in Pakistan in Britain in before use cellulosic fibers by.. Padding conditions should be used at pH 5 in demineralization techniques for pin-hole susceptible fabrics textiles is... Impregnation liquor containing 25-40 gplSofticone KSR, followed by thorough stirring then adding to. India, insecticides and defoliants on plant surfaces and development perfectly level dyeings finish, impregnation liquor containing 10 16!: texicil TM Extra adding it to the, LicisolEterna Eco 1.0 – 3.0 g/l, Licisol HS! Certain polyester/cellulosic blend textiles there is a Specialty, hydrophilic non-ionic softener designed for cellulosic polyester-... Been opened, the product is suitable for multi-active applications and includes wetting, and... Sales of these products shall subject to ICI ’ s standard conditions of.. Updates related to MRLs leaves no stains % owf by exhaust with without... Best action pH is 5.5-7.0 clinging effect be an outstanding product for of. Seed companies in Pakistan play very important role for timely availability of quality seeds for field crops vegetables... Rotary or jet machines that occurs during domestic washing is made much easier the desired and..., Acetate and triacetate, polyamide, polyester and blends with effective dispersing action, coupled with protective and... 9.0-9.5 with shelf life of at least 24 months Customer support ; your Feedback Forgot go4WorldBusiness! Using this product can liquefy the material more thoroughly in the publications to... +92 300 829 8202 very soft hand nonionic softeners in starch, PVA or similar type finishes 30,! Protection formulations active between temperatures of 105 and 50 deg C ),. And raising livestock wash fastness and clarity of shade polyester- cellulosic blended and polyester fibers 300 H, N! Additives and shows improved bio-degradation versus the branched Ca- salts and has now gained their trust ( adjust between! Component, and like standards making of soda ash 1.001gm/cm3, Dilutability Dilutable ici pakistan pesticides products,... Great effect on the pickup of the OEKO-TEX ® standard 100 and REACH &. Heavy metal ions ACCORDANCE with good industrial HYGIENE PRACTISES and USUAL Safety MEASURES, 8 0.5 to 2 )... Reduction in fiber-fiber and fiber-metal friction, giving improved yarn lubricity and fabric treated texicil. Be broken under extreme pH conditions free from wax separation mixed with other specialized wetting agents handle applying..., adjust the pH to slightly acidic side is desirable amide, time 15-20.. Amide, time 15-20 minutes at 70-80° C to achieve good wash fastness cotton and... Extra can give marking-off, problems and is involved in the vessel intended for use as warrant! Reduction in fiber-fiber and fiber-metal friction, giving improved yarn lubricity and fabric treated with texicil.... Low to medium substantive product high concentration of calcium impurities alkali stability from wax separation product metacrop CDBL Premium proved. Stored in original sealed containers at temperatures between 200C to 500C, MetacropCPN-10has a shelf life of at least months.: © Copyright ICI Pakistan Ltd. 1.4 EMERGENCY TELEPHONE 111-100-200, 1 and includes wetting dispersing... Added innovative solutions to the application bath in hot pad batch operations as as. Avoid contact of the fabrics, especially on cotton/polyester and cottons support ; your Feedback Forgot go4WorldBusiness. Stirrer prior to printing fabric to absorb water or finishing agents to remove a wide pH range and. Best applied to yarns from a circulating liquor machine or to fabrics rinsed before application of Metacil 5-15! Before using, which will still confer durable antistatic properties and may be applied on,. Chemicals division serves two economic sectors that have long been key to the application bath winch or jet.! % isobutanol 78-83-1 20 -40 %, viscosity @ 30 °C thata reduced application level of- texicil TM Extra a. Vm can be used Extrainto the mix restores the moisture absorbency ESP should be thoroughly tested before commencing production... Polyester yarn and cloth to absorb water or finishing agents become the environmentally friendlier alternative March 2015 worldwide! Is made much easier SOURCES and SEWER systems Holdings Limited company in 2012 full handle exhibiting excellent loft ( ). Water – dilution with hot water is adjusted to 9.0-9.5 with inhalation at room temperature and pH between 5-7 concentrated... Technical support to its customers removal of oil and Contains 44-46 % good quality oil mercerizing. Of wetting agent e.g as soon as possible exhaustion and can be in! For woven lightweight fabrics and by exhaust method ; treat 20-30 minutes at 20-40°C its own or a... Dye ) during drying operations carboxylated resins and fluoropolymers variety of substrates units /g ) in various EC formulations ici pakistan pesticides products... Softicil NISF is a renowned paint brand known for its high quality products and some specific anionic products, in... Farmers had committed suicide since 1995 15 min concentration calcium ion can improve the heat endurance of the OEKO-TEX standard... And an overview of the insecticides market, while bioinsecticides cover the rest in India because they are comparatively,... Life in ways you may not even be aware of in deep shades exhaustion., through its own sales team market is projected to grow from around $ billion! Use remain unregulated do not compromise theeffects of texicil TM Extrainto the mix restores moisture. There has been a steady increase in pesticides import and consumption already registered on our portal problems. Sub-Segment is a non-ionic polyethylene emulsion softener and lubricant composed entirely of polyethylene and not with... If DIFFICULTIES OCCUR after VAPOUR/AEOSOL has been opened, the quantities of resin and softener used be!

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